The Host City

In the historical region of Transylvania, in a picturesque area, the city of Cluj-Napoca awaits quietly to be discovered. Cluj always got its essence through it’s people, who created a multicultural society where you’ll easily blend once you get to feel the city. The city earned the title of “Capital of Transylvania”, because of the dynamism with which it has grown to become today the most important academic, medical, business & IT, cultural, sports and scientific center in Transylvania. Cluj-Napoca has a special charm, given by the 2000 years’ history, the geographical location and the people, because here, time flows differently, and the people take the time to say hello to each other, to walk between the boomed trees in the Botanical Garden, to watch the reflection of the sun beams in the twin buildings on the Mirror Street, to smile and to invite you to discover the local culture and traditions. Cluj-Napoca brings together historical communities of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Armenians, Hebrew, Roma, as well as recent communities of Italians, French, British, Dutch, Turkish, Asians. There is an ethnic, cultural-economic and religious diversity of communities that live in peace and learn from each other. Ancient culture and civilization center, Cluj is known from Roman times as one of the most important cities in Roman Dacia, mentioned by the geographer Ptolemaeus two millennia ago. The settlement was later raised to the rank of the municipality during Emperor Hadrian and was called Municipium Aelium Hadrianum Napoca, then to the rank of Colonia Aurelia Napoca, around the year 180, under Marcus Aurelius. Today, Cluj-Napoca is the country’s second largest city, located in the center of Cluj County and covers an area of about 180 km2 on Someşul Mic river. Surrounded on three sides by hills with heights between 500 and 700 meters, it has the appearance of a real fortress. Cluj-Napoca is one of the most developed cities in Romania and has a constant growth rate. Being an important university city, it became a hub for high performance in medicine, IT, industry, culture and sport. Regarding sport, Cluj-Napoca was awarded in 2018 the title “European City of Sport”. The title aims at the international recognition of communities that value sport and create favorable contexts for its development for its inhabitants. But Cluj-Napoca is not only a city of sports, it a city of fun and culture and well-being. It is renowned all over Romania and Europe for the numerous means of distraction, for its history, his universities and for his continue growth. It is a city where history, culture and knowledge give hand with entertainment, sport, leisure and well-being. Once in Cluj-Napoca, you will always come back!

History - Cluj Napoca by drone

Cluj Napoca - different eye