The Theme

The theme of the Congress is SERITECH- the New Concepts in Sericulture. In the past thousand years, human civilization has been practicing sericulture in order to obtain several benefits from it. Sericulture, on the other hand, managed to leave its mark on the development of humankind and to imprint in researchers’ conception and economic development its perfection when it comes to the transformation of raw plant material into noble silk fibers. Today’s challenges and the science dynamic from the last decades offer an unprecedented chance for diversified sericulture activities, by defining new profitable concepts such as biotechnology, pharma-farming, bio-economy, organic sericulture, bio/nanomaterials. In order to keep up with the new opportunities, all the specialists from these areas have to cooperate so as to give a restart to sericulture at  international level. The future of sericulture is extremely promising given the new opportunities that come with the dynamic research and economy of the 21st century.