The 26th International Sericultural Commission Congress NEW DATE: 07-11TH OF SEPTEMBER 2022
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As our event approaches and we would like to make everything work efficiently, we would kindly ask you to pay attention at the following information:

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to announce you that The 26th International Sericultural Commission Congress will be held from 07-11th of SEPTEMBER, 2022 in Cluj Napoca, ROMÂNIA at University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca.

The ISC Congress, which is a triennial event, is the only international forum committed exclusively to sericulture and silk industry that provides access to progress made in sericulture science and technology, current knowledge of the field, and the prevailing global business environment for silk. It offers an exclusive opportunity for international scientists, universities, faculty & students of research Institutions in mulberry and non-mulberry silkworms, host plants, post-cocoon technology, biotechnology, sericulture management &economies, post-yarn sectors, the silk trade, processing, promotion, marketing, etc., including those in silk and silk related businesses to interact, share and exchange the most recent advancements in their fields.

The Theme

For a couple of thousand years, human civilization has been practicing sericulture in order to obtain several benefits from it. Sericulture, on the other hand, managed to leave its mark on the development of humankind and to imprint in researchers' conception and economic development, its perfection when it comes to the transformation of raw plant material into noble silk fibers.

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The organizer

USAMV CLUJ NAPOCA and Global Center of Excelence for Advanced Research and Promotion of Silk Production

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  • Mulberry
  • Bombyx mori
  • Non-mulberry silkworms
  • Bacology of silkworms/Silkworms in Research
  • Post-cocoon technology
  • Economy, management and marketing in sericulture
  • Sericulture in non-textile industry
  • Silk processing
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The venue

The venue of the conference will be University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca

  • The Aula Magna of the university
  • The King Ferdinand of Romania Amphitheatre
  • The Queen Maria Amphitheatre
  • The Red Amphitheater
Aula Magna
The King Ferdinand
The Qeen Maria Amphitheatre
The Red Amphitheater

Cluj-Napoca, the host city

In the historical region of Transylvania, in a picturesque area, the city of Cluj-Napoca awaits quietly to be discovered. Cluj always got its essence through it’s people, who created a multicultural society where you’ll easily blend once you get to feel the city.

The city earned the title of “Capital of Transylvania”, because of the dynamism with which it has grown to become today the most important academic, medical, business & IT, cultural, sports and scientific center in Transylvania.

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Max. Temperature °C (°F)20.7°C (69.3°F)
Avg. Temperature °C (°F)14.4 (57.9)
Min. Temperature °C (°F)8.9°C (48°F)
Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in)95 (3.7)

Food for everyone

In Cluj-Napoca you can eat very diverse food, from international dishes to traditional ones. On request, there is a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan menus.

Currency and Banking

  • The official currency for Cluj-Napoca is Romanian Leu. The fee will be calculated according to the National Bank of Romania official exchange rate on the day of the payment!
  • There are dozens of exchange offices and local banks that do currency exchange in the city; there are also numerous ATMs you could use to get cash.
    But remember to avoid changing too much money at the airport exchange office (if that's where you're arriving), usually they have lower exchange rates than in the city.

Hotel accommodation for you to stay

Cluj-Napoca has a wide range of available hotels at different tariffs.
Based on your choice, the organizer would be honored to assist you in making room reservation. We provide in this brochure a presentation of several hotels.

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